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Life Insurance Is Not For You. It’s For Them.

We tend to associate insurance with protection. It’s true that you MUST have automobile insurance to legally drive a car or motorcycle, and that most banks and mortgage lenders require you to have homeowners insurance for them to lend you money for your home.

But life insurance is a different thing, isn’t it?

It’s protection, of course, but you’re not protecting a thing, you are protecting your family.

Humans have a 100% mortality rate. That means we’re all going to die, and no one knows how or when.

It’s not a pleasant thought or conversation for most people to have, and is often put aside, kind of like will preparation (don’t get me started about that), but it is most definitely a fact of life that must be taken into consideration.

For instance, life insurance offers protection and financial security that can:

· Enable your family to stay in the family home

· Continue to attend the same school/s

· Maintain the same, or similar, lifestyle

· Not endure food insecurity

I understand that it can be stressful to think about death, but I try to make the life insurance process as simple and stress-free as possible and educate you about the options you have.

Once you have the insurance, you will have the peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing your family will be protected if anything happens to you. My clients tell me that this peace of mind helps them to sleep better each night. It can for you as well.


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