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A New Baby Makes You Work Differently

A new baby makes you work differently.

When you have your first there’s that period of adjustment when you’re figuring out how it’s going to work. Less sleep, more worry, but with the blessing of a healthy baby and a partner to help, life seems to move forward easily.

You get used to it. You find you can juggle the responsibilities of being a mom with the responsibilities of work, and that phrase work-life integration makes sense.

But you do work differently:

· You prioritize more

· You exercise exquisite time management

· You have a deepened sense of humor

· You become the consummate juggler

It’s working so well that you have another child, and then all bets are off!

You now have 2 littles and the first one, regardless of how much they love their new sibling, knows they no longer have your undivided attention.

Regardless of their age they can’t fully understand the concept of sharing your time and it’s a lesson they must learn.

It can be difficult for you as well. You must learn how to apportion your time and attention in a way that works for your clients, your team, 2 young children, and your partner.

And, oh wait, there’s one more. There’s you. You must remember to take care of yourself as well.

Here’s what is different with number 2:

· You delegate more and learn to let go

· You set firmer boundaries, so your time isn’t split too thin

· You make it a point to engage in self-care

A supportive partner can make it all work more smoothly, and I tip my hat to those that go it alone.

Let me be the first to say that you might stumble a bit at the beginning, but once you figure it, you are good to go until baby number three arrives or 18 years from now when the kids go off to college.

Then too, they tell me they’re always our babies.

I believe it but I know I’ll get more sleep at that point and that will be a blessing in itself.


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