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It's a Great Time for Gratitude

It hasn’t been an easy year, has it? The cliche is “don’t sweat the small stuff” but this was hardly small!

A global pandemic altered life as we know it and most of us had to re-engineer our professional and personal lives.

Working from home, home schooling, movies, sports, museums and other forms of put-on hold, and a palpable sense of unease was pervasive as we welcomed 2021.

Now, we’re welcoming 2022 and although there are still uncertainties, we’ve learned how to move forward with our lives, still cautious, but much more knowledgeable about our situation.

We haven’t rid ourselves of Covid, as much as learned how to live with it, and go about our lives safely.

It’s been a challenge for everyone.

Through the darkest of the days, I kept my wits about me by being grateful for what I have in my life. A loving family, a partner for life, my beautiful son, work that feeds my mind and heart, and the grit and stamina to get through it all.

My heart is always full at this time of year. I love the holidays and spending time with family and friends. It feels even more special this year considering our collective experience in 2021.

I intend to take a little extra time as we say goodbye to 2021 to reflect on how I can continue to add value to my clients and Allstate team as well as to the other professionals with whom I collaborate and network.

I’m looking forward to what the New Year can bring, but I also intend to look at what I have right now and be thankful.

Happy holidays to you.


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