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Don’t Wait for Something Unexpected to Happen. Make Certain You’re Protected NOW!

It’s been a stressful 20 months, hasn’t it, but it looks like the seemingly never-ending quarantine mandates are over, or at least for now!

People are once again resuming their “normal” activities, going out to restaurants, visiting with friends, and doing a bit of travel.

Yes, we’re out and about, and with the renewed activity and associated traffic comes the potential for a corresponding increase in auto accidents. The impending winter weather will also exacerbate the situation and that means you must be certain that you are protected.

Additionally, at times of meaningful economic unrest, and especially coupled with other stressors, we also see a corresponding rise in lawsuits. (I think we can all agree that a global pandemic counts as a stressor!)

Bottom-line, the need to be 100% certain that you have the right coverage for your circumstances is critical. You can’t count on getting the information on your own and trying to dig out the facts amongst anecdotal information is time- consuming and difficult.

This should be when you turn to your trusted and experienced insurance agent and count on their expertise and knowledge.

After months and months of staying at home or going no more than a few miles away, people are finding that their driving skills are rusty. Being a careful and safe driver is more important now than ever.

Having the right coverage is more important than ever, as well.


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