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How Being a Mom Has Helped Me in My Business

I adore being a Mom but before I had my son, I never would have believed that I’d have so many parenting “take-aways” that would also be beneficial in business.

The parents reading this will get what I mean in an instant, and for everyone else, let me assure you it was a learning experience for me, too.

Here are three of my biggest “aha” moments:


Being a parent means that you have no choice but to call on deep reserves of patience that you never knew you had prior to having a baby. From sleepless nights to toddler tantrums, children of all ages force us to exercise patience and forbearance. The same holds true in my business where I must make certain that nothing is overlooked, our client’s wants and needs are met, as well as those of my staff and external resources. It’s a lot to juggle and there are times when patience is definitely required.

Time Management

Full disclaimer – I’ve always been a good time manager, but having a child really made me up my game. Excellent time management skills are extremely helpful when you find yourself with full to-do list that MUST be completed within a finite period of time. For me, prioritizing is key! I know I’m a good role model for my Allstate team, and demonstrate each day that good time management is essential for a smooth-running home AND business.

Good is Often Good Enough

Perfection is over-rated! If you’re doing brain surgery or landing a 747 perfection is the goal, but for many things, good is more than enough. I used to be more of a perfectionist, and I still am when my client’s work is concerned, but I also know that there are things where I have more wiggle room. My desk doesn’t have to be spotless at the end of the day and I can file those papers the next day. My son will be perfectly happy if we miss bath night and spend more time cuddling with a book. You get the idea. We have to learn to be easier on ourselves, especially when you have a Type A personality.

My business has thrived even more since I had my son, as I have no choice but to be as organized, focused, and diligent as possible so I can accommodate the needs of both my business and my family. The two together make me whole, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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