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And Just Like That It's the Holidays

The shelves have been stocked with Halloween costumes and candy since the end of August, so I don’t know why I was taken by surprise when I started to spy the turkeys, Christmas ornaments, and menorahs in the stores.

But that’s okay, I’m always psyched for the holidays.

I mean what’s not to like.

Friends and family, fabulous food, and decorations that make my inner child sing.

My little boy is dazzled by everything he sees at this time of year, and his innocence in the face of the mass consumerism is a joy to behold.

Here are a few of my tips on how this busy working Mom successfully navigates the holiday season:

First off, enjoy it. It’s YOUR holiday season too, so if you find yourself doing something you hate to do, but grit your teeth and do it anyway, this might be the year that you just say no and find another way to get it done; or here’s a thought, maybe it doesn’t have to be done at all. Do the things that give you pleasure. You’ll find that your enjoyment is contagious, you’ll have fun and so will everyone else.

You don’t need to take responsibility for “everything.” For all of you Type A personalities reading this, this is the time to fully embrace the fact that other people can pitch in (by the way, have you asked them recently?), or you can hire folks to do the things you dislike doing. Here’s a true story, I know someone that outsourced decorating her house for the Christmas holidays. Many people would find that to be outrageous, but she was busy, she didn’t feel like she had a flair for doing it and the result was what was important. If anyone thought less of her, well, she didn’t care because her house looked beautiful, her family was enthralled and as for building memories, she was building different memories. (Who says your memories have to be someone else’s!)

Treat yourself to something good. This is the time when a “little extra” will feel awfully good so go ahead, have the cookie, buy the bracelet, sleep an extra hour. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, just something that makes you feel special.

Work may slow down for you during the holiday season, or it may not. Regardless, try to fill your office environment with some holiday cheer (you can’t imagine how seeing an elf on my desk makes me smile), and perhaps arrange for a small grab bag with your work buddies.

Lastly, start NOW. There are lots of things you can do to make the holidays go more smoothly but I’ve found that the earlier I begin preparations, the easier it will be. What you put off doing today, will be waiting for you tomorrow, only tomorrow you might feel more pressure!


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